Shannon Hart is a 5th generation Californian with an active studio just outside San Francisco in San Rafael. Her vibrant & expressive art is designed to challenge the imagination while still connecting to the viewer with universal themes. Inspired by the shapes and interplay of life’s dazzling colors and patterns, she creates interpretive portraits of people and places through a blend of realism and abstraction.

My art is governed by my imagination & sense of place with an individualistic bohemian sensibility

At a young age Shannon was introduced to objective drawing with graphite & ink where she developed a keen eye. After a debilitating diagnosis that limited physical activity, she began painting with oils at the urging of her maternal grandmother, also an oil paints artist. Shannon continued to evolve as an artist experimenting with oils, acrylics, collage & digital photography.

Mixed media allows the most freedom to incorporate different materials like acrylic paint, glass, paper, fabric, metal objects & photographs where I can express complex ideas and colorful experiences with a multi-dimensional effect.

Born in Central California, raised & educated in Southern California Shannon now considers the Bay Area her permanent home. She has lived in Washington, DC, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco and most recently Cape Town, South Africa.

Shannon’s passionate pursuit of the intersection of art, culture and curiosity has taken her around the world. From Thailand to Tuscany, Kathmandu to Cuba, Ireland to India, Moscow to Marrakech, Budapest to Barcelona, Kyoto to Krakow, her global travel experiences are incorporated into her mixed media & digital photography pieces. She continues to explore different cultures, countries and landscapes for artistic inspiration.

I identify deeply as a Californian yet consider myself a citizen of the world. Places with rich multi-cultural environments feature in all my work. No matter where I travel or live, I happily return to my roots in California.

Mixed Media

The use of a variety of related materials & items in works of art connected to a person, place or thing; incorporating acrylic paint, photographs, glass, fabrics, paper, leaves & flowers, etc. to present together in personal artistic assemblage.

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Oil Painting

A colorful substance made with authentic ground pigment & a drying oil such as linseed oil, used chiefly by artists to decorate a surface or canvas; dries to form a colorful hard coating of shapes & images.

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The art & practice of taking & processing photographs as a visual representation of life & travel experiences; images that catch an artist’s eye & captivate the imagination.

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